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It’s remarkable to look back at how much people accomplished with such primitive means. Castles, coliseums, and cathedrals, all built without the benefit of one diesel powered machine. Amazing! Granted, one email can be sent to far more people than one hand-written letter, but has the quality been improved by the quantity?

On May 30, 1953, C. S. Lewis sent a short note to Mary Willis Shelburne. They talked about Ms. Shelburne’s daughter, the current state of the church, and the word “dither.” Ms. Shelburne seemed interested in the word and its use. Lewis explains, Continue reading

The correspondent is simply the anonymous, “Mrs. Jones.” Lewis’s response to her is dated September 27, 1954. The questions she asks have to be discerned from his response. Evidently one thing she wondered was why the result of the fall for women, pain in childbirth, remains (Genesis 3:16), while the results of the fall for men, toiling and planting (Genesis 3:17-19), has been greatly improved by technology.

Lewis perhaps considered the irony of a woman asking the question of a man, nevertheless, he takes a stab at answering it while admitting the obvious, Continue reading


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